My forced sex fantasy = taboo accomplice play phone sex with you (and the whore I’m going to help you rape)

I think almost everyone has some kind of forced sex fantasy. How twisted is your coercive masturbation fodder secret? It turns me on to hear your darkest, most “sick” thoughts. Let’s role-play a scenario so “wrong” we’re not even supposed to think it.

Accomplice phonesex makes me wet. I can’t wait to abduct our next fuckdoll. Do you prefer a sweet, innocent (and oh-so naive) young virgin? Or is age less important than how thoroughly, how brutally we’ll degrade her? Either (or really ANY) way, she’s going to get used and abused, shown she is NOTHING more than a worthless hole only good for one thing: being FUCKED.

Maybe our “victim” is someone you already know? I can’t wait to meet her. And I really can’t wait to watch you rape her, over and over again. I want to see that mascara run down her

During our taboo phone sex call, we’re going to teach that disgusting little slut a lesson she’ll never forget. My place or yours? Virgin impregnation or cumming in her face? I have all kinds of torture devices, methods of restraint locked away in my secret sadist lair downstairs. There’s a breeding bench, all kinds of toys to sodomize her tight holes and a video camera of course. Oh, and best of all: there’s no way for her to escape.

You have the key, though. It’s our private fantasy world where we can do anything we want to our new whore. Don’t worry, no one will miss her. And (best of all), no one will hear her screams or desperate pleas for us to stop.

Ready to roleplay my forced sex fantasy? I’m ready to make your cum to life, too. You know what to do: give me a call. I’m right here, waiting to hear your filthiest fantasies you can’t share with anyone else!


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke