Forced Rough Sex in the Middle of the Night

My girlfriends and I decided to go on a camping trip before the end of the summer. Of course, I prefer “glamping”, so we each had pretty luxurious tents and air mattresses. It was more of a retreat than roughing it. That’s why the last thing I expected was to experience forced rough sex in the middle of the night. 

Throughout the day, we drank mixed drinks and played in the river in our tiny bathing suits. We attracted a lot of attention, of course. My girlfriends are all pretty hot. Not as hot as me but close. Husbands and teen boys were staring at us from different camps. I decided to give them a show and sunbathe topless. 

I removed my pink bikini top and laid out with my perky tits exposed for all to see. A very attractive father and son in the camp next to us staring without shame. My guess is that they were alone, if the mom was around they would not be so bold. I love being watched! I wanted them to keep watching, so I applied a layer of suntan lotion. My tits got extra attention, I even pinched my nipples until they were hard. I could tell their dicks were rising underneath their swim trunks. 

Don’t Make a Sound

Eventually, we returned to our camps for the night. I expected the father and son to come over to the camp but they never did. What I realized later was that they preferred forced rough sex instead of flirting and trying to get lucky. 

That night I slept completely nude like I usually do. Sometime in the middle of the night, I woke up to a sound in my tent. A hand covered over my mouth when I tried to sit up. “Don’t make a sound”, he told me. It was dark but I was pretty sure that it was the father who couldn’t stop staring at me. I did as I was told and didn’t make a sound. I didn’t fight back either, I wanted to see where this was going. 

My naked body completely exposed, after he tore off the blanket. I felt a rock hard cock on my pussy lips. I became instantly wet with anticipation. Suddenly, I felt my arms being held down. That’s when I realized both father and son were in the tent. They both wanted to give me forced rough sex!

Give It to Me

With the father’s hand still covering my mouth, he entered my pussy hard and rough. I moaned out in pleasure but he thought I was trying to yell. “Shut up”, he told me. I opened my legs wider for him and he fucked me fast and furious. I came on his cock as he released his load inside me. 

Now it was the son’s turn. They switched positions with the son now covering my mouth. Unlike his father, he took his time and sucked on the titties that he had so admired earlier. My nipples got so hard as he sucked them roughly. Then, without warning, his huge hard cock entered my tight asshole. I guess he didn’t want daddy’s leftovers.

I couldn’t help moaning out again as I felt the size of him. He reminded me of my ass-loving boyfriend when I was a slutty little teen and would get ass pummeled daily. My legs were pressed back as far as they would go and he worked on my ass for a long time. He gave it to me rough and didn’t let up until he squirted a big load inside me. 

As soon as he came, they both got up and walked out of the tent. My clit still pulsed with yearning, so I rubbed it while fantasizing about them coming back tomorrow night.   


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