I never would have guessed this party would lead to forced public sex!

I’m pretty sure my parents didn’t have forced public sex in mind when they planned this waterpark birthday party. I know my little sister loves the water and it’s pretty hot outside so I’m slipping into my tiny little white bikini to have some fun! The second I walked through the door I noticed you checking me out. You’re one of the lifeguards, right? You’ve definitely got the body for it wow, look at those muscles. Oops, I’m totally not here to pick up guys, I’m here to celebrate my little sister’s birthday party.

You’ve got some pretty dirty thoughts written all over your face. You’re undressing me in your mind! I mean I know my tiny little string bikini doesn’t cover much at all but this park is full of kids. Don’t have such dirty thoughts right now! You’re totally thinking about having forced public sex with me, the way you keep sneaking up behind me. Aren’t you supposed to be watching all of the people in the water and not just one person? Sure the attention is flattering but I can’t be anti-social at a birthday party.

Oops, I guess picking a white bikini wasn’t the best idea. The water has it completely see-through. All these people are making the water really turbulent too because I can feel the waves pulling at my bikini strings. I’m barely keeping my little string bikini from getting ripped off and swept away in the water. Why do I feel hands on my back tugging on my strings? That’s totally you, isn’t it? Admit it, you want my bikini to come off right here in the water so you can feel me up, but you’re doing that already anyway.

Your cock is rock hard and pressing right against my tight teen ass.

If your boss catches you, you’ll be fired! Is it really worth it to lose your job over some hot public sex? Ok, maybe I shouldn’t put it that way, it’s just making you want it more. Your fingers are sliding under the edge of my bikini bottom and slipping against my bald pussy lips. Did you just pull your dick out? I swear I can feel the heat of your bare skin sliding against my tight round ass cheeks?

It’s time for me to get out of the water, and dry off until my bikini isn’t see-through anymore. You better head for a cold shower while my sister blows out the candles on her birthday cake. Do not walk around with that major boner sticking out of your wet swim trunks a mile in front of you. Before you head for the shower, show me the special birthday room where the cake and presents are. I don’t want to miss out on my little sis’s big moment. Look at you grabbing my hand like this, you’re feeling pretty comfortable putting your hands all over, aren’t you?

This room is pretty far off from everything, I didn’t realize it was this private. Why is the room so dark? This isn’t a surprise party. Wait a minute what the hell are you doing? Stop it, why are you yanking my bikini off? You aren’t going to try to make me have forced public sex with you, are you? Anyone could walk in here anytime because people are going to start looking for me. I can’t believe you just tricked me like this, get your hands off of me.

Please don’t shove your big hard dick down my throat, you’re choking me!

Stop it, I have to get back to the party. Oh my god, your dick is so huge it’s already making my jaw ache. I mean it looked really big outlined through those wet shorts. But, I didn’t know it was this huge! I’ve never had such a big dick. It’s only natural for my pussy to be dripping wet, right? Is it really forced public sex if I secretly really wanted it? Well, I guess if we’re not gone for too long it should be ok. Maybe since there are so many people here, no one will notice that I slipped away for a few minutes.

Now that I’ve felt your cock in my mouth, I have to feel it in my pussy. Spin me around, my hands are on the wall, my legs spread wide. I admit, there’s definitely a tight teen exhibitionist side to me. Thrust that big thick cock deep inside of me and pound my tight little pussy until we both explode like crazy! Hopefully no one notices the big streams of cum leaking down my thighs as I walk back out to join the party.

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