I can’t believe a trip to the movies turned into forced public sex!

Thanks to my friend flaking on me at the movie theater to chase some hot guy, I ended up having forced public sex. Sitting in the back of the theater like I usually do, I suddenly felt a hand slide up my bare thigh. Of course, I was wearing a cute short skirt and that gave him easy access. However, it was so dark in there, I couldn’t even tell who was touching me. Also, the horror movie was so scary, it was really loud with almost non-stop screaming, both from the movie and the audience. Likewise, no one heard me slapping at his hand and telling him to stop. Why did I have to pick a horror movie that’s so loud? I scoot as far away as I can but the movie theater seat is so small, there’s nowhere to go.

Stop touching me you dirty pervert. Shoving my purse in between us isn’t working either. Hey, you just knocked everything out of my purse shoving it to the floor. What are you doing? Get off of me! Why are you ripping my panties off? Stop it, don’t touch me there you freak. OMG, is that your zipper I hear? Please tell me you don’t think you’re gonna make me have forced public sex in the middle of the movie theater do you?

Somebody get this freak off me! Why is everyone ignoring me? Stop watching the movie and help me! Otherwise, he’s going to rape my tiny bald pussy! Eww, don’t kiss me. I don’t want your lips or any part of your body anywhere near me. Instead of making you angry, bitting down on your lip just seems to turn you on even more.

Please don’t rape me, I’m not even old enough to be having sex yet.

You’re hurting me please stop. I can tell the tears soaking my cheeks are getting your dick harder because I start to feel it pushing up against my thigh, trying to force your way inside of me. I’m a virgin please don’t do this. Ouch, it’s not going to fit inside of me, you’re too big. You’re going to split me open if you don’t stop. Please just let me go, I won’t tell anyone, just don’t do this! Forced public sex in a movie theater? What kind of pervert sinks that low?

Do you even know how young I am? What you’re doing isn’t right and if they catch you, then you’re gonna go to jail for a really long time. Why is that making you throb even more? Oh my god, I’m not the first young girl you’ve forced yourself on am I? How many young girls did you make have forced public sex with you? You’re one of those sexual predators that my parents always warn me about. I should have listened to them and I never should have snuck out to see this stupid movie in the first place. Then none of this would be happening.

You’re so rough, I can’t believe you just popped my cherry like that. I don’t do stuff like this, I’m a good catholic school girl. I was saving myself for marriage, of course, and now you ruined everything. I’m not on birth control so whatever you do, please don’t cum inside me at least. I’m way too young to get pregnant and my parents will kill me! It’s bad enough you’re making me have forced public sex, don’t knock me up too. I wish I had never even mentioned this…

You like the idea of getting such a tiny young girl pregnant, don’t you?

Wait a minute, why does your voice sound familiar? Holy crap you’re my uncle! Do you know that you’re raping your own niece right now? All those times you had me sit on your lap- you were getting hard and having dirty thoughts then too. I can’t have my uncle’s baby, that’s just way too perverted and so wrong. Also, I don’t want to burn in hell for being a naughty school girl, but you made me do it, uncle! Stop thinking about how my tiny body would look with milk filled tits and a little round tummy. I don’t want to have your baby! Can’t you just pull your dick out and come on my face or something? Please don’t get me pregnant.

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