Forced Orgasm Control discovery is exciting!

When you deal with a girl who knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to take control, you will surrender. Forced orgasm control gets me off, so I do it with all the naughty men who love being teased by me. It drives me wild to make a dominant man beg and plead. My excitement shoots through the roof whenever I hear cries and whimpers coming from a perverted freak. I have done it all when it comes to edgeplay and orgasm denial.

I’ve even stumbled across perverts in my family. Who knew my uncle enjoyed me sitting on his lap during family gatherings so he could then go and masturbate later on in the night thinking about my firm young tender ass? All men have one thing in common, they can all face defeat. All it takes is the right assets and I have that and more.

I’m always ready to rule men and have no mercy on them.

My shiny lip gloss and daisy dukes are a hot commodity. Naughty girls quickly learn that our rosebud pussy is on the mind of all men. It is intoxicating and intriguing when a girl suddenly develops into the sexiest living sex doll right before your eyes. My stepdad and I have always clashed. As soon as I began to dress more revealing, he lost his mind.

A naughty stepdad likes to watch, and soon, he gets urges that lead to the obvious fact that he wants to touch too. I don’t let his fantasy fulfill. Instead, I play my role in being a forced orgasm control deviant. I love showing men how ruthless and demanding I can be.

Don’t underestimate what a natural born tease can do.

I can see his greedy need for me. I make my stepdad watch while I rub on my cunt. First he looks surprised then his face lights up. He may think he will get his way, but that couldn’t even be further from the truth. My devious mind starts taking over, and I begin to order my stepdad to stop stroking and to watch me some more. I know he wants to pounce on my wet holes. My stepdad may think he is going to get lucky but he is wrong. Instead, I am going to make his balls ache with the forced orgasm control he truly deserves. Restraining him makes me so wet. Sit back, relax, and watch me play with my pretty pink pussy.

My uncle gets the same treatment when he’s is visiting. Sometimes I throw him a bone, and I’m an incest cum slut for him if I’m really horny. Usually, my needs for teasing him are a lot stronger than not.

Hearing a grown man beg gets my panties wet!

Are you next? You have to watch my sweet honey pot get wet. I can cum but you can’t. Don’t be upset that you can’t touch, watching is fun and that in itself is a privilege. Those balls ache, and that cock is ready to pop as I expose you to my teen body. My command is what is keeping you focused. My voice is stern, and it echoes. It turns your pervert cock on to listen to my every direction. Besides, why think when you can’t even form a sentence. One look at my tight teen body, and you regress. I make it possible for you to change. From dominant to submissive, you are now into tease and denial.

My pleasure is far more superior and significant than your need for ejaculation. Jerk it when I tell you to do so and stop when I say so. Forced orgasm control isn’t so bad. You deserve to have a powerful princess who gets to decide when you get pleasure. It is even better anticipating because you might not get the green light to explode. It’s all up to how I am feeling at the moment. Edging for hours soon becomes days and weeks, sometimes even months.

Crave orgasm control?

Phone sex is fun when you have it with someone who can control your every thought. Listen to me as I instruct you to stroke and stop and start back up each time I tell you to do so. Let a hypnotic tease take control because once you do you will be forever addicted.