Forced Intoxication Got My Bitch To Suck Dick

Ever wanted to lose control of yourself? My forced intoxication game that will make you vulnerable. It’s so much fun to let loose and let the girl take control of you especially when you spend all day making too many decisions and controlling everything else. This guy I have known for a couple of years was sitting next to me last night . I knew he had this insane crush on me. You already know I completely took advantage of him, I used his desire for me against him. The liquor bottle sitting on the table had some shot glasses already next to it I poured him a shot even though he’s not the drinking type. He took the shot just to satisfy me and Then I told him I’d take one article of clothing off per shot he took.

As you can imagine he’s a complete lightweight. When I got down to just my panties he was under my spell. He had no idea he had been manipulated into a game of forced intoxication. His kinky secrets came out with each shot he took. I heard all about his forced bi curiosity and decided to help him explore it. My neighbor came over just in time and was ready to help him with his secret fetish. I was going to fuck the neighbor boy myself but I do need a little bitch to get him hard for me. When my neighbor gets his pants off I make my little bitch get on his knees and beg for it. He had no idea I was secretly recording him with my cellphone. I’m not much into blackmail but its so hard to find a good sex slave these days.

He’s down on his knees and he’s begging for that dick. His mouth opens and my neighbors dick slides in. His first time cock sucking was impressive. Are you ready for a game of forced intoxication that might just lead you into Kelsey’s world of domination. If you truly want to make me happy and pleasure me you’ll come be my sex slave. I need a little servant to get my dicks hard for me to ride. If you can handle being submissive bitch and letting me take full control then call me. Domination phone sex with a real dominatrix.

Forced intoxicationKinky Kelsey