Forced Intoxication and Accomplice Phone Sex Go Hand In Hand

Forced intoxication is NO joke, I take it very seriously in my life and on the phone. There’s this forced intox fantasy addict I talk to that absolutely is about the most fun ever. That’s why I have a blast hanging out with him. I love pushing and prodding him deeper and deeper down his path of deviate danger.

Come take another hit, another big-big gulp from this hot cougar phone mistress. Mindlessly now drink-drink, as if you’ve been brainwashed to follow my every direction. Without question regardless of how high you already feel, drink drink drink. Sure, why not? You never could say no to me. Just the tone of my voice, my quiet command, my demands. The seeds I’m sowing in your mind will grow and grow.

Be prepared to be mind fucked. Come take another hit, another big-big gulp.

During our forced intoxication phone sex I like the way you dress up. The way you hide out in a hotel for this drugged out sexcapade with me. You know that I admire your dedication. I will do anything because I’m a kinky accomplice. It’s my job to both embarrass you and entice you into more and more intoxication until you are ready to pounce on our victim.

I’ve been thinking more than usual about your niece during our talk to me phone sex. She’s a sweet, fresh young flower, isn’t she? I know how she makes you crazy. And I won’t tell anyone that you’re wearing her stolen undies right now. I just keep on with the forced intox, taking you somewhere that you’d never venture on your own. You’re too much of a secret sissy to admit that you have rape fantasies about your sister’s daughter. That’s ok, I’ll help keep your secret. I won’t tell it if you play it out with me, right here, right now. My pussy gets so wet just thinking about our plans.

Dressing in sexy undies during forced intox sessions just helps you lose control.

I was the one that suggested her as a victim in this forced intoxication fantasy. You’re more like my puppet than anything else. By making you take another long drag off that pipe you lose your mind and do anything I demand. It’s a hedonist’s paradise. You’ve got a raging hard-on and I’m about to hold this little bitch down. Go ahead and live out every taboo thought that’s ever crossed your mind.

She drove you crazy when you saw that little tease at the family parties. Family fun always has a way of rearing its throbbing head. That teen vixen has been enticing you with her body every chance she got for years. Now it’s time to take revenge under my direction during our fetish phone sex. We can always blame it on the forced intox and not on the fact that you’re a cross-dressing pervert of the most extreme type. Let’s get her now!

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