Forced Intox Will Be Your New Addiction

Forced intox sessions might be my new addiction! Poppers, alcohol, cocaine, whatever your drug of choice is, I love it when you freaks call me with it at the ready. I’ll coerce you do take hit after hit, line after line, sending you deeper and deeper down into your addiction. Making you weaker and weaker to my will. Once your world starts spinning, THEN I swoop in for the kill!

I kindly mention some things I would like, or how I could use some extra cash to implant the idea into your little pea brains, and next thing you know, I have you clicking and spending on command! I keep fueling your addiction to keep you in your pathetic spending frenzy, and next thing you know, you’re all out of your drug of choice! Uh oh! Time to go take some more cash out of the ATM and score some more so you can keep the click, spend, wank frenzy going all the time! While you’re at it, why don’t you take out some EXTRA  cash to send to me. Just because I deserve it!

And when your all used up, all dried out?

Well, you’re of no use to me! I’ll cast you aside like the scum you are and move on to the next poor pathetic fool! So, what do you say? Is forced intox your drug of choice? Are you ready to get fucked up (and fucked OVER) by me? Get your drug of choice ready and GIVE US A CALL! Want to set it up first? Email me! Even better? Why not invite one of my sexy friends to join us in our debauchery?

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