You need a forced intox princess to loosen you up.

Just admit it, you’re way too uptight for your own good. I can see you checking me out every time I walk past you. The problem is getting you to have the balls to admit it. A forced intox princess like me will have you giving in within no time at all. We can’t let a little thing like your friendship with my daddy get in the way of our fun now, can we? Daddy says that you have a thing for whiskey so let’s see if that’s true. I’m home alone and you are too so it’s the perfect time for some naughty fun of the best kind!

You’ve known me since I was in diapers, so you don’t know what a seductive little forced intox princess I can be. Let’s go to the basement where Daddy has the bar all set up. He won’t notice if I pour you a couple of glasses. It looks like you’ve had a really long day at the office and I know just how to help you relax. Let me bring the bottle close to us so I can hop up on your lap and get comfy. This way I can reach for a refill for you when you need it too!

Do you like my cute little catholic school girl uniform? I’m not looking like such a little girl anymore, am I? I just went through a growth spurt so if I bend over and grab my ankles can you see my white cotton panties peeking out at you? It’s ok you don’t have to look away. I like knowing that you’re checking out my tight round little bubble butt. Don’t be shy, reach right out and give it a squeeze. Too nervous?

Sounds like it’s time for another shot!

Let me hold that glass up to your lips. Swallow it all down and enjoy the feel of that liquid heat sliding down your throat and warming you up. Feel your inhibitions starting to float right out the window. Besides that I want you to focus on the feel of my tight young body wriggling against your lap. Slide those big strong manly hands up my body and cup my perky barely-there tits. Do you like the feel of my puffy pink nipples stiffening against your fingers? It’s making me all wet and tingly between my legs.

Your naughty little forced intox princess is ready to really push your limits. Feel my soft little hand reach up to grab yours. First, I place it under my skirt and right against the front of my panties. From the way your hard dick is twitching and throbbing against my ass, I can tell you like it. Now, feel the heat of my bald little cunt calling to you. Besides that, the dampness is making my panties cling to my pussy lips. Go ahead, push them to the side and take a real feel. The feel of my sweet juices is almost enough to make you cream your pants.

Is it the liquor hitting your system that’s making you all loose or is the feel of my young body? Feel my warm breath whispering in your ear as your fingers pull my panties down and expose my sweet pink pussy. Next, I want you to pull my shirt off over my head and push me down to my knees. Because I am definitely ready to suck that big hard dick. Besides, it looks like it’s gonna burst right out of your pants if we don’t set it free.

Watch me open wide and suck that big hard throbbing cock.

Not it’s time for you to admit how long you’ve been fantasizing about me sucking your dick. Lean back and enjoy the show while my cute little face bobs up and down on your shaft, my tongue twisting and teasing as I go. Besides, the feel of your cock head hitting the back of my throat I can feel your balls hitting my chin. Now that you’ve stretched my mouth open wide it’s time to stretch another part of me open.

Now, lift me by my waist and set me down nice and slow on your throbbing cock. Bounce me up and down while I squeeze you super tight and milk those balls. I can feel the massive load building up in you. Fill me with that big sticky hot load of cum.

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