Forced Intox – Drunk and Confessing

Forced intox is so much fun when a man has something to get off his chest.  Confessing your deepest, darkest desires comes so easy to a drunken mind.  Force feed him a few shots and let the information flow.  I know how to get anything from naughty fantasies, to straight up blackmail out of a man.  I’m one nosey bitch, so anything I can get out of you and use to my advantage is my dream come true.

Do you have a secret infatuation with a family member?  Do you have a need to work out your desires for Mommy, or that sexy Auntie making your cock hard?  Better yet, is that sexy little daughter flooding your mind and distracting you though out the day?  Tell me all about it!  Not only can I help you work through those naughty thoughts, but I can help you find new ways to be through them.

Do you get off giving out your personal information?  Spill the beans, big boy!  I will gladly take down your banking info for own personal gain.  I would love to know all about your work place, your family, and you closest friends.  Wouldn’t they love to know what you have been up to?

Take a shot, chug your beer, and let your mind slip away.  Let me take you a place of no return and leave your heart facing in the morning.  Feel the panic set in as you realize all the things you have told me.  Shoot me a call and find out just how much I know once you have sobered up.  I love hearing the terror in your voice as you beg me to keep your secrets safe.

The key to keeping your naughty secrets under lock and key, is to keep me happy.  Keep your drinks full and keep the information coming.  Forced intox is the type of Phone Sex calls you never forget, no matter how hard you try!