I have a dark and twisted forced impregnation fantasy!

In the back of my dirty little mind, I have a forced impregnation fantasy about my daddy. I’m his little princess but I know he would love to make me his personal breeder. Taboo phone sex always brings out this naughty side of me. I can just imagine how he would take full advantage of his sweet baby girl.

In my forced impregnation fantasy, I’m made into the perfect breeder for my daddy. It starts when he begins to notice what a grown-up girl I’ve become. He tells me how beautiful I am, and I love his attention. I start to dress up special for my daddy.  I wear my cutest skirts and show off all my curves. It makes me so excited to have my daddy’s eyes on me.

Daddy starts to sneak into my room at night time. I’ll pretend to be asleep but I can feel his eyes on me. He runs his hands so softly over my blanket and it makes me feel tingly. I really love how daddy touches me. I wonder what he is thinking when he comes to see me at night.

A Week Passes…

Now daddy has started to touch me under the covers. He tells me that I’m a woman now and that makes him very happy. I hope my daddy still sees me as his perfect little girl. He keeps telling me that he has a very special job for me to do. I’m not sure what he means by that but I trust my daddy. When he comes to me at night time, he touches my pussy. My daddy loves to make me feel good. He says that he isn’t going to tell me when but I have to do what he says if I want to be a good girl.

When I get home from school, daddy grabs me. It scares me so much. I’ve never had him hold me so tight before. He drags me down to his bedroom and tells me it’s time for me to do my special job. Daddy ties my hands to the bed. I’m laying on my back, then he puts a blindfold on me. He pulls down my panties and spanks my bare ass. I yelp and cry. I ask him what I have to do. He tells me that he’s going to take my virginity. I’m going to be his little girl forever now. I can feel my daddy’s hard cock sliding between my wet pussy lips.

I’m scared of how big his cock is.

I’ve played with my daddy’s cock before so I know just how big he is. My little hand can’t reach all the way around him. I can barely take him into my mouth so I know my tight pussy will be utterly destroyed by his thick cock. I beg my daddy not to do it. He says that I don’t have a choice. That he is going to fuck me until he cums deep in my pussy. Then I feel the head of his cock pressed against me, I yell and beg. He pushes his cock into me as I scream no. Daddy has a tight grip on my legs while he pounds into my pussy. I try to squirm but I can’t escape him.

“But daddy, if you cum inside me I could get pregnant!”

Daddy laughs, pounding into me harder.

“That’s right, baby girl. That’s your special job for daddy.”

I can’t believe what he is saying. I love to play with my daddy but we were always careful. Daddy even told me to make sure I never got cum by my pussy. Now he’s making me take it whether I want it or not. I can feel his cock throbbing inside me, and it’s starting to feel good. I let out a soft moan, I just can’t help it.

“That’s my baby girl, your pussy is getting so wet for me. Do you want me to cum in that pussy?”

He keeps thrusting into me deep and I can barely think straight. I’m not sure what I want, I want to be a good girl but I also am afraid of letting daddy cum inside. Just as I’m about to say no, daddy pushes in deep and groans. I feel the warmth inside me as his cock throbs and cums inside my pussy.

“Well, it’s too late now. You’re going to be my good breeder.”

Daddy lifts me up and rests my ass on his knees, tell me that it will help keep every drop inside and takes off the blindfold. He kisses my tear-stained cheeks.

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