Forced by his hand

Tied down, helpless, all control is lost. I’m stripped of all my clothes, my pride, and my sense of security. Not knowing what will become of me. What will happen next. I’m degraded, humiliated, and taunted. He never offered me a safe word, he never asked what are my limits or boundaries. I am completely dependent on his whim. My wrists and ankles restrained tight. My mouth gagged. His hands run all over my exposed body, I can feel his years of hard work, his rough callouses raking against my smooth skin. His thumb and index, pinch my firm nipples hard. He smiles at my wince. His hand trails its way down my narrow torso, as I feel his rough hand cup my smooth mound. “Mmmm”. He growls from deep within at my moist heat, sliding 2 fingers into my wet velvet abyss. I moan, and shut my eyes tight, involuntarily. His digits continue to dance inside of my dripping wet cunt. I moan louder, I can’t keep the noise in. I bite the insides of my mouth trying to keep it closed, quiet. “Shhhh” He places his hand over my mouth, pushing my lips against my teeth hard. I scream into his hand. He forced his fingers deeper into my involuntary wetness, grabbing my face and pressing his palm down hard on my lips… and that was just the beginning…

My Mouth Said no, But My body said yes yes yes. I wanted to feel his hard cock in my wet cunt where his fingers were. I have never felt so alive as I felt so vulnerable to this man at the same time.

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