Yes, Forced Ghost Sex is a Thing!

I learned about forced ghost sex the hard way as a teen during a Halloween sleepover. Two of my girlfriends came over to watch scary movies and have a naughty little private party. My parents were out so, of course, we invited some boys over to try out some crazy sex positions with. Like most phone sex girls on Halloween, we dressed in slutty little outfits: a sexy nurse, a naughty devil, and I was a sweet but not so innocent angel in my see-through teddy. I couldn’t wait to show the boys the irony of my costume. 

The Ouija Board

As we waited for the boys, Denise, the naughty devil, brought out the Ouija Board. She suggested we try to communicate with the dead to find out who she was going to marry. I thought it was harmless and didn’t think anything would come of it. Certainly not forced ghost sex! So, we lit a few candles to set the spooky mood. Then, we sat on the floor in a circle around the Ouija board. We placed our hands on the tear-drop shaped guide with a clear circle in the middle that would spell out the answers to our questions. 

First, we gave permission for a spirit to communicate with us. Immediately, a cold chill fell over the room. Then, Denise asked her most dire question of the dead, “Who am I going to marry?” The guide moved slowly across the board. There was a nervous flurry of, “Are you moving it?” and “I’m not moving it!” Then, the first letter was hovered over: M, then E, then it stopped. 

“M, E?” Denise asked confused, “Are those his initials?” she wondered aloud. 

“Or… that could spell out: me,” I suggested. I knew I shouldn’t have said it because all the girls suddenly looked scared. “Spirit,” I asked, “Are you saying you are going to marry Denise?” The guide moved so quickly and violently to the word Yes that we all screamed. 

Don’t Play With The Dead! 

Suddenly, my bedroom door slammed shut and we all screamed again with genuine terror. Sandra, the naughty nurse, ran to the door to escape but the doorknob wouldn’t budge.  Frozen in fear, we watched as the invisible spirit picked her up into the air.  Then, he threw her like a ragdoll onto my bed, she landed face down. Her dress yanked up and her white stockings tore open exposing her bare plump ass. Then her cheeks spread and her ass gaped open where the ghost’s dick was penetrating her. We summoned a horny spirit! I knew right then we were all in for some forced ghost sex.    

I have to admit, watching my friend in her sexy nurse outfit get ass-fucked kind of turned me on. The fear of the situation even aroused me and I secretly couldn’t wait for my turn. She even seemed to enjoy it!  She came pretty hard before being thrown aside. 

Is It My Turn Yet?

Denise tried to open the window to escape. But, she got the ragdoll treatment just like Sandra and fell onto a love seat in the corner. She wore a blood-red skirt with no panties so the ghost just held her legs back and fucked her senseless. She screamed the whole time but she squirted as she came. 

My turn now but I didn’t run. I couldn’t move even if I wanted to. I sat there on the floor with a mixture of fear and arousal. Suddenly, my sheer teddy violently pulled down and my big bare tits bounced out. I screamed as the rest of my outfit ripped off and I was soon completely naked. Then I felt a massive cock force itself into my tiny twat. I leaned back as it plowed into me over and over. I couldn’t help it, I thrust my hips into him and my girlfriends watched as he made me cum three times.

Being fucked by someone you can’t see is wild! I have to admit, forced ghost sex was pretty damn hot. I may summon him again this Halloween. 


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