Call Taylor for forced fuck/kidnap phone play.

That night, I was going to be taken…forced fuck against my will by a man who might not be human. I’ve seen him many times before. I’m a university student working part-time at a coffee shop. He often comes by after work. He orders the same drink, then sits on his laptop for awhile. So he must not have noticed that I see him staring at me. He doesn’t move his eyes away when we make eye contact. He makes me feel uncomfortable. He’s also larger and appears stronger than an average man.

That night he decided to make his move. I was closing up shop alone. He stood in front of my car, and in the darkness of the night I saw his full lips, and he uttered one word…


Without a moment’s hesitation I instantly took off in a sprint. Heart pounding, eyes searching wildly, I began running into the woods close by. Am I going to endure a forced fuck? I hear a deep chuckle behind me… I understand he’s just toying with me. Have a sick feeling he’s not a normal human, as he was easily keeping up with me and pricking me with his clawed fingernails.

“I tire of waiting now. I rather love the chase…it’s time I show you who you belong to,” he drawls in a baritone voice.

He yanks me onto the ground with one arm, and pins my small frame down. He rips off my shirt and skirt like it’s paper. I scream loudly over and over, feebly beating against his muscled chest.

“My pretty wench, you may scream if you choose…I do enjoy it. Very soon you will beg, and moan, and cum for me!”

My heart races as I realize I can’t escape, this demon is too strong. I was going to be forced fucked, regardless. He presses his massive erection against my pantie covered core, and captures my bottom lip in his…then lightly bites, moaning as he lapped the rich metallic liquid. Then he stripped off his clothes, then forced his thick meat stick into my rosy lips. He face fucked me a bit, treating my mouth like a pussy pounding into my throat.

Then he decides to end my struggles by tying a piece of my torn clothing around my wrists. He spreads my long, tan legs apart and with a flick of his claw, tears away my panties. After teasing my pussy with his long fingers (happily will give details during a call) he decides he’s ready to claim his prize. I sob and shake my head no, as he presses his pounding huge cock against the juicy entrance of my tight hole.

“I’ve hungered for so long, I shall have you again and again. Submit to your alpha.”

Stay tuned for Part Two!

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