I was in Chicago for a little fun and was staying with a friend of mine, Annie, and her roommate, Dan. They had only been roommates for a few months by the time I was visiting, so the only things she had told me about him was that he was a football player for a while, had tons of girls over and that he was muscular and hot.
I had some free time in-between dates so I went back to the apartment to get ready. I walked in the door and headed towards Annie’s room, I saw that the door was open and the light was on. Annie wasn’t supposed to be home until tomorrow morning, so I was curious who was in her room. I pushed the door open the rest of the way, and to my pleasant surprise, I saw Dan, wearing one of Annie’s dresses, which fit him terribly and barely covered his muscular ass. He had a pair of her heels in his giant hands.

He looked up saw me, and gasped.

“Oh Dan, tsk tsk, women‘s clothes?” I asked while smirking. My day was about to get a lot better.

“I just…it’s not what you think.” He stammered, his face red as the heels he was holding.

“Oh, it’s exactly what I think Dan. Or should I say, Danielle?” I laughed and closed the bedroom door behind me. “You’re not getting out of this very easily you little sissy boy.”

He gave me a look of confusion mixed with shame, but I could see his cock growing underneath the dress.

“You better put those heels on Danielle. Don’t you want to look your best for me tonight?” I said, walking over towards the closet where I had put my suitcase. There was a long gold strap on in there I thought would be perfect for this occasion.

Dan sat on the bed and stepped into the heels, his feet were bulging out of them. I grabbed the strap on and held it up for him to see, his eyes widened with anticipation.

“Go put on your lipstick you little faggot while I get ready to teach you a lesson,” I yelled.

He hurriedly obliged and started putting on lipstick, very sloppily, while I slipped into the strap on.

“Danielle, you look PATHETIC! That lipstick is a MESS. Maybe if I fuck you in your little pussy while you put it on, it’ll help you get it right!” I bent him over the bed, exposing his asshole, and handed him the lipstick…

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