Forced breeding sex stories with my daddy!

Daddy knows I love being a good girl for him. And he and I have a big secret. For a while now he’s been treating me like his own toy and says he wants to breed me now! Mommy always tells me what a huge slut I am but it’s because daddy will never tell our secret.

I am such a good girl. In the middle of the night, daddy likes to come to my room and spank me to wake me. I roll over and he greets me with a big kiss. He tells me mommy has gone to bed and he wants to play with me. But this time it’s different. He says “Forced breeding,” under his breath.

Gulping I say “Daddy… what is that?” He smiles and says “Well, sweetheart, daddy is going to use your pussy like he always does. But this time, we’re making a baby.” My eyes get big and I start to wonder why.

He says it’s time for my body to get bigger and my big titties need to start feeding a baby. I guess it’s time for me to grow up because daddy wants to make a baby with me. Which is crazy! I’m not ready to have a baby!

He starts to take off his pants for our forced breeding sex stories

I try to get up and run away but he catches me and ties my hands up with his pajama pants. Then he pushes me on my bed and forces my panties off and pushes my nightie up to expose my titties. Daddy then gets between my legs and starts to suck on my nipples. I try to yell for mommy but he stuffs his sock in my mouth!

But I still wiggle around and try and scream with the sock in my mouth. Daddy then takes his huge cock and forces his way between my legs and puts his cock in my tight young pussy. I cannot believe how daddy is treating me! I’m his princess.

I try and scream but daddy covers my mouth with his hand and pinches my nose shut. So, I chill for a moment because mommy can’t know about the forced breeding with daddy. But, within moments I am trying to break free of daddy’s gorilla grip again. Daddy won’t let me go.

I feel daddy’s cock begin to twitch in my pussy. Then I look at him and start to frantically “Hnng! Hnng!” at him but he doesn’t stop. He just keeps going harder and faster and then I feel it. Daddy’s hot cum inside of my tight pussy.

Forced breeding is really tiring! But, then daddy doesn’t help me up. He just wipes his forehead and says “Okay, baby, I have a surprise.” I look at him and watch as my door opens. It’s my big brother.

Daddy told him about our secret!

But, my brother looks at me menacingly. As if I am a piece of forced breeding meat. I wiggle around hoping my big brother will save me but no! He starts to pull off his pants and gets on top of me.

Daddy forces my legs open and big brother shoves his cock inside of me next. I cannot believe that daddy was serious about breeding me and I just whine a lot looking at daddy. His eyes are dark, not like the light in his eyes he always has.

And my brother looks like some sort of rabid animal. Practically foaming at the mouth. But, I just whine and he still fucks me hard. Forcing me to cum all over his cock.

I start to cry a little because it’s hurting but they don’t care. Daddy plays with my titties and says “Oh babygirl, these are going to be good for milking!” And my brother just laughs. And then I can feel his cock about to blow.

I try to wiggle away but daddy holds me still on my brother’s cock. And then I feel it… the hot load filling my pussy up. I just know I am going to be pregnant by the end of this forced breeding sex story!

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