I always get what I want. Forced blackmail manipulation is only one of the many ways I go about doing it. My gorgeous appearance, deviousness and intelligence make me a triple threat. I am willing to do whatever it takes to get whatever I want. I have always been that way. I don’t stop until I’m happy and I have whatever or whoever it is that I am trying to get. I’ll charm you, seduce you and manipulate that little cock of yours. All I have to do is wiggle my little ass and give you that seductive look. Maybe that’s why I’m such a spoiled bitch! Haha…

You are so pathetic and so weak in that horny stupor that you’ll do anything I say. You are so desperate for any little bit of sexual stimulation, your little balls just ache for MY attention. I’m almost always able to get my way with you and all pathetic boys just like you. Although for times when my beauty and psychological mindfuck isn’t enough I have to use other means of manipulation.

That’s when I turn to forced intoxication blackmail. The first thing I do during forced blackmail manipulation phone sex is get you drunk which usually isn’t very hard. You can’t hold your liquor any more than you can hold the attention of a sexy woman. I flirt with you even more. You are so drunk and mesmerized by me, you allow me to lure you out of your pants and make you put on a pair of hot pink panties to cover your little tiny cock. I grab my phone and snap pictures while I laugh at you. You think I am laughing at the panties but no way I’m giggling so intensely at what’s underneath those panties. Your pecker is so tiny and microscopic, it is absolutely hilarious! You are humiliated but so turned on by the way I dominate you and show off my sexy body in front of you. With these pics, I have the insurance that I need to guarantee just about anything I want from you!!

You know that I’m going to blackmail you with these pictures. It would be so embarrassing if anyone else ever saw these pictures of your tiny dick in a cute pair of panties! Even worse what if your Wife saw them? *evil smile* That’s right pathetic boy you are mine for as long as I desire. Get used to it, I’m sure you will. You never stood a chance with a phone sex Mistress like me!

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