Forced Bisexual: Another Meeting With Mr.K

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His cock was pulsating through his pants already. I was drooling. He smiled at me and reach his hand out to shake mine. Because I was already horny from speaking with Mr.K, I wanted to get started as soon as possible. I was watching Mr.K as he kneeled down to do another line off of my foot. I became demanding and told Mr.K to get up and put his ass in the air. Consequently he began smiling. He placed his hands on his ass cheeks and spread them apart.

While he was preparing himself. I slid my lips around the BBC in the room.

Getting it rock hard for to enter Mr.K’s ass. I was devouring our bbc when I looked over and saw Mr.K’s cock dripping wetness. It was amazing. I became demanding again ass I told our BBC to slid his thick ten inch cock into Mr.K’s ass. First he spat on his his little hole and then shoved his cock inside him in its entirety. I was watching him get pounded by that thick black cock as a result I couldn’t help but play with my pussy.

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