How I was Forced into a Bisexual Threeway…

As I waited patiently for my boyfriend to come home, I was growing more excited to see what his present might be. He said it would be a new and adventurous thing to bring into the bedroom.  A forced bisexual threeway was not what I expected to be in his list of ideas. I sat in my chair wearing a long silk black dress and my comfy house slippers. I was freshly shaved and smelled like champagne perfume. Finally, I heard my lover’s car pull up. Never would I have guessed that his surprise would be another woman! My boyfriend was expecting me to participate in some sort of forced bisexual threeway with him!

I watched both of them through the front window. He opened the door for her, helped her out, and then pushed her up against the side of the car and kissed her passionately. My mind was racing and I felt a wave of jealousy wash over me. I watched as his hand started to slide up her thigh and into her dress. Her head fell back as he started to tease her through her panties. Then, almost instinctively, I started to rub on my own thighs through my silk dress and make my way to my pussy too. Had I brought out a camera, my boyfriend and this mystery girl would have made one of the best homemade porn movies!

Who is this Mystery Woman?

Finally, the two of them made their way to the door and I quickly went back to my spot in the chair. My boyfriend stepped in first with a grin stretching from ear to ear. He could see my mood painted on my face but this did not phase him in the slightest. The mystery girl walked in behind him, shocked to see another woman sitting right across from her. My boyfriend introduced the two of us girls and each of us were in shock by his brave and unshaped demeanor.

“Natalie, I would like you to meet Anna. Anna this is my girlfriend, Natalie.”

She looked a bit embarrassed and started to turn around for the door. That’s when my boyfriend gently grabbed her hand and lead her over to the couch beside me. He kissed my cheek and then sat her down. He stood there staring at us as if we might have something to say. However, the room stayed silent as we all took turns looking at each other. Soon after, he left and headed towards the kitchen. We heard the pop of a champagne bottle from the living room. Then, he came back into the room with three full glasses and passed them out. Both of us girls took generous sips as we waited for an explanation.

My boyfriend started to tell me all about his night out with Anna. In his head, she was the perfect woman for a forced bisexual threeway. They had met at a bar and shared a few drinks, and that’s when he decided to bring her home. Then, he went on about how he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her.

“I noticed her perfect body first. Don’t you think she is just so sexy, Natalie?”

Drugged Our Champagne Glasses

The champagne gave me a pretty good buzz, more than ever before. I felt myself becoming more and more relaxed as my boyfriend flaunted another woman in front of me. Each time I pulled the glass away from my lips, he pushed it right back up. Then, he started kissing down Anna’s neck as she sipped her glass too. He used his fingers to pull the neck of her blouse down and showed me her breasts.

“Look how beautiful her tits are, Natalie. Don’t you just want to touch them?”

Disgusted, I responded, “I am not a lesbian!! I don’t want to touch her breasts!”

Then, he refilled my glass and asked again. I swear my boyfriend must have drugged me and Anna because his words were beginning to sound like my own thoughts. I found myself swaying a little in my chair and he helped me over to the couch. Anna and I were touching at our thighs and holding each other’s legs for support.

“Anna, don’t you think my girlfriend is beautiful? Why don’t you give her a kiss?”

Lesbian Kisses

Anna had been drinking most of the night and adding her spiked champagne, she lost all of her restraint. She leaned in and kissed my lips. Her lips were soft and comforting. We continued making out and heard my boyfriend undoing his belt. I knew this is what he wanted. He had brought home this girl, drugged us, and now we were about to have a forced bisexual threeway! I had never done anything with a girl before, but I would do anything with Anna at that moment.

My boyfriend stood in front of us in his boxers. He pulled each of us up by our hands and kissed us both passionately. Then he pressed my and Anna’s faces back together as he slowly undressed us. Being in this forced bisexual threesome was actually quite pleasurable so far. I wanted Anna more the more we kissed. Finally, our naked bodies were pressed into each other and it was time.

Forced Bisexual Threeway

The three of us sat back on the couch and my boyfriend laid Anna down on her back. Her pussy was wet and her bottom lip was pinned sexually between her teeth. I watched as my boyfriend kissed down her stomach and to her pussy. His tongue flicked its way into her juicy lips and he pulled away to kiss me with her taste. Then he guided my face down and told me to treat her pussy the way I liked mine to be treated.

I felt her thrusting into my face as her pussy juice dripped down my chin. Then, my boyfriend’s hands gripped my waist from behind and I felt his hard cock rub against the back of my thighs. The forcing in this forced bisexual threeway became more apparent when he thrust himself inside of me pushing me deeper into Anna’s pussy. I was breathing through her pussy lips and moaning against her clit. As she was cumming all over my face, I couldn’t help but cum all over his cock.

Sharing My Boyfriends Load

Finally, my boyfriend pulled out and begged Anna and me to get to our knees. He shot his hot load all over our faces and tits. The forced bisexual threeway had ended with all of us in pure ecstasy. Maybe it was just the ecstasy he had slipped in our drinks, but either way, it was the best sex any of us had ever had. We will be inviting Anna over again soon!

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