“I’m Lexi,” I said to the stranger.

As a result, he confirmed himself to be Tracy and showed me where to put the laptop. Then we both removed our clothes for Mistress’ forced bisexual fuck show. There was a sense of relief as Mistress appeared on the screen. Of course, her smile validated her pleasure. Likewise, she was ready with a glass of wine for her forced bisexual fuck buddies to perform.

“Ah, Lexi and Tracy, how sweet,” she asserted.

“The keys? I think you should unlock each other, don’t you?” she asked. “Lexi, unlock Tracy,” she commanded. “Yes, Mistress,” I replied, using my key to free my companion. “Now Lexi,” she said, “Look at that cock. It’s been in its cage for so long,” she giggled. “I think it needs kisses. So, kiss it!” she commanded. Therefore, I gave it a long passionate kiss. As a result, Tracy’s dick went erect.

“That will do, Lexi,” she intervened.

“Now Tracy, unlock Lexi,” she commanded. “You should kiss each other, and as you do so, stroke each other’s cock. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?” She didn’t require an answer. “Do it,” she snapped. I leaned forward and grabbed for Tracy’s cock to fulfill Mistress’ forced bisexual fuck pleasure. Simultaneously, I leaned forward to kiss him. I felt his hand slid up and down my shaft. “More passion, you know what I want,” she asserted. We responded with mouths and tongues intermingling. We pulled each other closer. Her pleasure was evident because the sound of her joy served to escalate our forced bisexual fuck efforts.

“Wonderful, my slaves, that will do,” she proclaimed with laughter.

“Now for what we came for, a little forced bisexual fuck” she continued. “You do want to fuck each other to please me, don’t you?”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Who first,” she pondered.
“I’ve decided Tracy will fuck Lexi first,” she announced. “The lube?” She questioned. Tracy replied, “Yes, Mistress!”
“Put some on your finger and then apply it to Lexi’s ass and inside his hole,” she instructed. “Rub some onto your cock,” she advised. “Now slide inside his tight fuck hole,” she coached him. “Slowly but all the way. I want your inner thighs tight against his cheeks”.
He slowly slipped deeper and deeper until his torso was pressing hard against my backside for a forced bisexual fuck.

I felt his dick swell inside me, obviously aroused by his Mistress.

“Now fuck him,” she ordered. His obedience was immediate. I could feel his cock going deep inside me, but this was not good enough for her. “Fuck him, I said,” she finally demanded. “Harder!” she shouted. “Fuck him, take that ass,” she encouraged. The pace quickened, and the violation evolved into abdication and conquest.

There was discomfort and pain.

Therefore, I jolted forward each time his thighs slapped hard onto my ass with the forced bisexual fuck he was giving me. Despite the soreness, I felt myself becoming aroused. Was it my response to her joy at my humiliation, or was I, to my dismay, taking pleasure from being pounded? Her encouragement was broken with cries of, “Don’t you dare cum,” and her command to “Stop” made sure of that.

In just a few seconds, our roles reversed.

I became aroused by her voice, of course. And her joy at the forced bisexual fuck event she was conducting, and the apparent pleasure she gleaned from our humiliation. My cock was already hard enough for its anticipated purpose, and I slid it into his ass slowly until my inner thighs pushed hard against his butt cheeks. Then, I pump and thrust as she commanded for her forced bisexual fuck porn. Desperate to please her, I anticipated her demands to quicken. Was my arousal a reflection of her joy, or was I taking pleasure from fucking him? Therefore, her command to stop was right on time. I knew that a little longer and I would have to cum, with consequences beyond consideration. “Now, you will lock each other back into chastity and swap the keys.

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