Forced Bi, With My Foolishly Naughty Twin Brothers

Forced bi: Ever since my twin brothers Alex and Sean were teenagers, we’ve been playing with each other. It’s not a threesome type of thing, always a one on one type of thing. Sometimes, I’d sneak into Alex’s bed and he’d finger me until I cam all over him then the next night I’d give Sean a blow job. Bouncing back and forth has just been our thing. It has been going on for years now and it was time for us to do something different, it was time for some forced bi. I went over to the apartment my brother’s shared and texted each of them to be there and ready for some fun family time.

They each thought they’d be alone with me, while the other brother would be left out and forced to pass the time to play video games. I popped my head into Sean’s room and said, “We’re using Alex’s room today!”

That started it all and of course, he followed me and looked confused, as I told Alex that he was staying too. “Okay don’t freak out or anything, but I wanna do something different,” I said and they got nervous as I told them to get naked. Even though each brother knew I fooled around with the other, we didn’t openly talk about it, we just kept it to ourselves. When they were done they looked everywhere, except at each other and they were covering themselves up with their hands. Then the real shocker came, “Alex, I want you to suck off Sean.”

I’d chosen Alex’s room so he’d remember being on his knees and taking his brother’s dick every time he came into the room.

Alex and Sean stood there looking at the ground and I had to push them. “Go on. If you don’t then I’ll just have to find some new boys to play with.” I pouted and gave Alex a nudge on the shoulder. He got down on his knees and I pulled Sean’s hands away from his dick. This was going to be a forced bi session like none of us have ever experienced!

Alex stared at it for a moment and I gave him a little kick on the leg before he put
his hand on it. Sean gasped as Alex held it up to his mouth and began sliding it passed his lips. He started sucking on it quickly, trying to get it over with, but Sean liked it too much and put his hand on Alex’s head. He forced Alex to go slower and rocked his hips forward, shoving his dick in deeper. Alex gagged and his hands grabbed Sean’s thigh as he panicked. I guess his gag reflex hasn’t had to deal with dick before. Sean kept fucking Alex’s mouth, pushing his head up and down on his dick, until Alex didn’t need help anymore.

This forced bi session was turning into something MUCH better than I had even anticipated.

He was getting into things and his mouth started going smoother over Sean. I could see spit on his dick
every time Alex pulled back and he was groaning loud when he got swallowed again. It was so hot seeing them enjoy this and I stayed quiet as I watched them. Sean started making deeper groans and jerking his hips forward as he lost control. Alex gagged and choked as Sean started to cum and little bits of spit and cum dribbling down his chin as he tried to swallow it down. Sean stood there with his head tilted back and his mouth open as he shot his load into our brother’s mouth.

Afterward, Alex stood up and looked so embarrassed as he wiped the cum off his face. His dick was rock hard, leaking pre-cum and I knew he had loved it. Sean seemed happy too and I knew he was ready to become Alex’s little cock sucker too. So, I continued to watch them, as they took this little-forced bi session to a whole new level!

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