Forced Bi: This is How I Would do it…

Forced Bi, my favorite way to watch a sissy take dick….

Imagine this, I have come to visit you at work so that I can take you out to a “business lunch,” but before we leave I shove you into the bathroom. I know that you are wearing your panties under your boy clothes, I e-mailed you this morning and told you which ones I wanted you to wear. Pink with gold sequins.
I push you into a stall with me and force you to strip down to your lingerie while I watch. You look so fucking hot all dressed up like a dirty little slut so I prop one of my feet up on the toilet and command you to lift my skirt and eat my juicy pussy. You get down on your knees in your panties and lick my clit up and down. It feels so good, I have a hard time not moaning as I grind my pussy on your mouth.
Someone walks in– you look up at me with worry in your eyes, will your coworker hear us? I smile down at you with a devilish grin and start moaning LOUDER….
He knocks on the stall, “is there a woman in here? What’s going on?”
I laugh and say, “there’s two women in here… if you’d like to play with us, lock the bathroom door.”

We hear a click and I swing open the stall. He looks at you on your knees eating my pussy and smiles WIDE.

“Would you like to get to know my little bitch and her sweet mouth?” I say to him. Without answering, he unzips his pants. I force your head down on his cock and make you give him a sloppy blow job. I instruct you to get him nice and wet so that he will be slick enough to slide his cock into your little pussy. When I’m ready to see you get fucked, I hold you by the hair and pull you up to your feet.
“Put your hands on the wall and spread em,” I say as I slide down your panties. I pull your cheeks apart and spit on your tight little ass hole and then tell our friend to go ahead and fuck you until he is done. He gladly puts his cock at the entrance of your tight little pussy, waiting for a moment before I grab him by the shaft and guide him in.
What is your forced bi fantasy? Let’s play…

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