Forced Bi can be a little evil with two straight guys but it’s so much fun to see how far they’ll go to please me.

Forced Bi is so much fun and it’s so easy to make men do what you want, especially if they’re horny and hoping to fuck you if they make you happy enough. Andrew and Sean are two straight guys who have been wanting to fuck me for ages now but I wanted to make them work for it. Why should I just give it to them? Especially when I can make them do whatever I want them to.

     I took both of them into my bedroom and laid down the rules: I’d consider fucking them if they showed me how bad they wanted me. They had to obey me or else I’d never speak to them again. They looked so scared, God only knows what they thought I was going to do to them, probably Forced Bi. LOL! I made them get naked and had Sean get down on all fours on the bed while I grabbed Andrew by the hair and dragged him behind Sean’s ass.

I let him go and held Sean’s ass open, showing off his boy pussy. “Eat it and I might let you eat mine.” I told him and shoved his face into it. I held him there and a couple of seconds later heard Sean gasp as his tongue licked him. So I let him lick for a few minutes then pulled his head up. I could see wet streaks of spit covering Sean’s asshole and I asked “Did he stick his tongue in?” He shook his head and I hit Andrew. “Stick your tongue in as far as you can and eat him.”

I held his head down again and felt him shake as he did it and gagged.

I kept one hand on Andrew’s head while I used my other one to reach down and see how Sean was doing. His dick was hard and he moaned when I put my hand over it so I could give it a few strokes. He pushed forward and I kept going until he was all worked up and making my fingers wet with pre-cum then stopped. I grabbed Andrew’s hand and put it on Sean’s dick and he tried to pull away. I smacked him on the back of his head. Told him to jerk Sean off or else he’d be sucking his dick and swallowing his cum.

I guess eating ass was bad enough because all of a sudden he was fine with jerking off another man. I watched him do it and hoped he was better at it when he was doing it to himself because those were the worst strokes I’ve ever seen. Then I put my hand on top of his and showed him how to do it properly, telling him to do it this way otherwise we’d stay here all night. It took a bit of time but he finally got into it and Sean started groaning and pushing his ass back.

“Jerk him off faster,” I told Andrew and Sean grunted as he pushed against the mattress. The muscles in his back got tighter and his shoulders hunched forward as he let out a gasp, shooting his load all over Andrew’s hand.

     I let him go and he quickly moved away from Sean, wiping his hand clean on the bed.

Sean just rolled onto his back as Andrew kept trying to wipe cum off him. I watched my two boys lying there panting and filled with shame, trying to not look at each other. That had made me so wet, DAMN Forced Bi was hot! I couldn’t fuck either of them though; I loved playing with them. Needed to keep them wanting me so I could make them do other things. I forced myself to wait until they left before I fucked my vibe like a crazy slut.

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