You knew exactly what you were getting into when you met me. With your bank account being the only big thing about you; you and I have a mutual understanding. I have access to “your” big bank account; the more that I spend, the harder you must work. Since that little clitty is of no use to me, I love to keep it locked up while I jet-set across the globe with my newest boy toy. In return, you get me and my time. Sometimes, I even answer my phone sex hotline and give you attention through small penis humiliation phone sex. However; today, I have decided to enroll you into Forced Bi Cuckold Training. Watch and learn, because I’m only going to show you once.

Welcome To Forced Bi Cuckold Training

It was only a matter of time before you and my new boy toy came face to face. Forced Bi Cuckold Training was already one of my plans for you, I am excited to see where things go from here! Stammering like an idiot, I somewhat felt bad for you. But, it was also extremely entertaining to watch your face turn beet red. I imagine that your little clit was excited, wasn’t it? Your eyes were darting back and forth between his crotch and the floor. Wrapping his muscular arm around me, he smirked; daring you to say something. Anything.

Making You My Forced Bi Cuckold

Rubbing my hand over the thick, growing bulge in his pants; I watched as a flicker of jealousy flashed in your eyes. Your hands immediately clasped in front of you, hiding the tiny package that was now practically begging for attention. Making eye contact with you was all that was needed, forced bi cuckold training had begun. Without a word, you knew your place. Dropping to your knees; you tried, unsuccessfully to rub your little clitty over your pants.

Fumbling with his belt buckle, I push you over. It is time that you stepped aside; watch and learn. And let me show you how to be my forced bi cuckold. Certainly, you can do that, right? Watching your face as I unveil his gigantic, thick and long cock; I can see your eyes widen with anticipation. It is then that I realize just how eager you are to get your hands his huge cock. This may not be a forced bi cuckold after all; you seem rather willing if you ask me.

Go Ahead, Be A Good Forced Bi Cuckold And Put These Pretty Pink Panties On

Forced Bi Cuckold – While his big cock continues to grow, I reached into my panty drawer and pulled out your favorite pair. The light pink satin ones with the white lace trim. Throwing the panties on top of your lap you are almost giddy with excitement. Wow! While I knew it would be easy to turn you into my forced bi cuckold, I did not expect it to be this easy. Above all, you had already jumped to your feet and out of your pants within milliseconds of me throwing your favorite pink panties onto your lap.

Watch And Learn As I Make You My Forced Bi Cuckold

While grabbing his hard cock with both of my hands, you and I are both on our knees. Licking your lips, you kiss the tip of his thick mushroom head. Looking up at him, your eyes meet. Opening your lips, you begin to take his big hard cock into your mouth. Feeling the tip of his throbbing dick in your mouth, you feebly start to rub your pathetic clitty over your pretty pink satin panties.

Shaking my head as I notice your panties begin to get wet from your precum. While I think about it, I should have known from all of the bimbo transformation porn that I found on your laptop that this would be right up your alley! Placing my hand on the back of your head, I push your head further down onto his cock. Therefore causing you to gag on his thick dick. Tisk, tisk. Any forced bi cuckold of mine must have strong gag reflexes to be of use to me. Certainly, I can trust that you will work on that.

Meanwhile, tears are falling down your cheeks as I loosen my hold on the back of your head. His large cock slides out of your mouth, you stare at it hungrily. I think you have had enough Forced Bi Cuckold Training for one day. But first, I want you to watch very closely as this real man; with his big hard cock, pleases me in ways that you could only dream of.

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