“I’ve Always Been Curious”

Forced bi adventure — Jason called me up on a Thursday night. He was one of my clients from when I worked as a domme for a Midtown dungeon. Now I operate my own. “Hey Sadie, have you ever had a forced bi adventure?” he asked. “Tell me more,” I said, and Jason explained that he has always been curious about sucking dick. 

“So I would bring the guy?” I asked. “Actually,” said Jason, “there’s this guy Gilbert at work who always asks me to do stuff, but so far I’ve refused him.” That’s perfect, I thought. It was going to be an amazing and exciting forced bi adventure.

Enter Mistress Sadie’s Dungeon 

Jason showed up by himself at 10 o’clock sharp. As soon as I opened the heavy dungeon door, he dropped to his knees like a good slave. “Where’s the other?” I asked. “H-he’s on his way, Mistress,” Jason answered. “Can I have a drink?” he pathetically asked. “Over there,” I directed, pointing at a dog bowl full of vodka.

He lapped at the bowl like a good puppy. I leashed and collared him and led him to the bed. “Don’t you need to practice?” I asked. “Yes, Mistress!” He pathetically replied. “Well, then, fetch me that,” I said. He offered me up my strap on and a long pink dildo.

Practicing For Real Cock

If you want a forced bi adventure, you have to do it right, and this little puppy needed practice. “Suck my dick, bitch,” I instructed. “Nice and slow at first, spit on it, get it good and hard, and then choke on it you pathetic little beta cuck.” The puppy just sucked and lapped it up like a good bitch. 

I liked Jason; I remember when I made him shave my pussy. And now I was going to make him suck a real cock. As I cradled his head, the dungeon door swung open: it was Gilbert. The forced bi adventure was upon us. “Welcome,” I said. “Make yourself at home.”

Sucking The Real Cock

Gilbert tossed off his jacket and then the pants came down. His huge cock sprang out and he walked right over to pathetic puppy Jason. I popped my pink dildo out of his mouth and led him to the real cock. Jason looked up at me with nervous eyes and I reassured him. “Here,” I said. “Here’s exactly what you’ve been practicing for. Now suck that cock, bitch.” “Yes, Mistress!” he yelped.

Just as I instructed, the bitch boy took Gilbert’s giant cock in his mouth in one gobble. He sucked and slurped and licked his real cock while I kept my hand on the back of Jason’s head. “Keep sucking, bitch. Choke on it,” I cooed. Did he want a forced bi adventure? Well, that’s what he got. And that’s what you could expect in Mistress Sadie’s sadistic Midtown dungeon. 

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