Forced Anal…Not So Forced

I can be the nastiest little role play slut when I want to be. Tonight he’s caught me on a day where I’m ready to get into character. He wants anal, which he knows I also love, but I feel like fighting back, pushing the limits, turning tonight into forced anal!

Now because I’m just in a playful mood and feel like making him work for this ass, I start to become resistance. I’m looking at him and smiling and pushing him off me, play wrestling even. I want to see how long he’s going to put up with. Not very long, as soon as I finished that thought he grabbed and threw me on my back.

He pinned me down and I could feel his erection pressing into me. No way I thought, it’s not going to end this quickly. I pushed him off me and got on my knees, I wanted to try to run for it and make him chase me all over the house. I didn’t make it too far. I’m just so tiny he picked me up so easily this time grunting and throwing me on my stomach.

He knew the kind of mood I was in but he had other needs, that only my ass hole could meet. Forced anal doesn’t sound fun, but in my case, my pussy was so wet playing hard to get that the lubrication had my tight hole ready to filled. He ripped my shorts off me, they were pure cotton anyway and exposed my cheeks. I heard the belt buckle and could only smile with my face pressed into the pillow. He spread my cheeks open wide and spit on my asshole.

He spread my cheeks open wide and spit on my asshole.

Plunging into me, he pulled my hair back and put his hand around my throat. Biting into my neck and making me scream in pleasure from his cock, his balls were slapping against my pussy. There’s no way I would’ve been this wet with out making a game out of afternoon sex. Forced anal, when I want to be, always hits the spot, the nastiest, sluttiest, spot.

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