Forced anal stories are more fun when it’s about a guy on the end of my strap-on. Not so much when it’s me!

Forced anal is just what happened to me not too long ago though. I was in the middle of passionate sex with a close male friend of mine named Adam. We’ve messed around more times than I care to admit. Hey, when you need some you call up a good buddy to sort you out. Lemme tell ya, my attitude was off the hook!

Aggressive sex was just what I needed. I was tired of masturbating and hearing all the phone sex fantasies my callers like to role-play.

Hard thrusts in and out of my pussy brought me to my first orgasm. My pussy was so wet I am not surprised Adam needed to pull out and wipe off his cock to feel some friction. Mid pump, Adam’s cock slipped out. This has happened before and we never encountered what happened next.

In mere seconds his 8-inch cock was buried to the hilt in my ass. My pussy juice had him lubed up enough to make it glide in without a hitch. I supposed the fact that I wasn’t expecting it also made it go in easier. However, just because it went in “easy” for him does not negate the fact that it fucking hurt!

I tried to push him off me and started to cry out that he slipped his dick in my ass and that it wasn’t my pussy. Holding still he looked down at me smiling. Adam’s sweet smile turned devilish as he said “Why stop now? It’s already in babe?” before I could beg off, he cover my mouth with a hand and started moving his throbbing cock in and out of my sore ass.

Fuck forced anal! I was moaning in pain and trying to lay as still as I could. A few pumps later he growled his victorious orgasm into my ear. Thank God his cock was at least wet from my pussy. When he rolled off I sat up on my elbows and promised my revenge on him!

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