Force-fed cum-shots are what it’s all about! That is…when  I know it’s CUMming!  I had just started a new job and my boss asked if I could work late Friday night. I didn’t have anything better to do and when he said he’d pay me double time, I said sure. What am I… CRAZY?  Hell yeah, I’ll WORK!

He wanted me to be the dealer for a group of his poker buddies. So, 5 of them and my boss, Logan, made six. The booze was flowing freely.  And, after a couple of hours, I was getting a little tipsy when one of them (who looked to be up about $5,000) said, “I’ll give you $1,000 for a blow-job, Joey.”

There was dead silence at the table for several beats. Then my boss said, “I’ll go $2,500., Joey”  Pretty soon everybody at the table was bidding, cat calling and standing up.  And it occurred to me that the poker game was about to change to a poke HER game.  Was I down for THIS kind of after-work play?  I glanced around the room (at my prey) and decided.  Yeah. I thought so.

All of a sudden, my boss stood up, unzipped his pants.  He grabbed the back of my head and stuffed his respectable 8″ cock down my throat. Before I knew it, I was in the center of a circle jerk with six stiff cocks around my head.  I was bouncing from one to another like a pinball.

Logan yanked my mouth off one guy’s prick and stuffed his cock down my throat and shot a surprisingly large load of cum into my mouth.  It dribbled down my tits until all six men had shot their wads in my mouth.

Taking ALL Multiple CUMmers!


Give It To ME!