Forbidden Lust never tasted so good across my lips.

Forbidden lust always gets my mind wandering in the craziest directions but this time it was set upon my step son. A tempting treat he is for step mommy’s kinky desires, and I was going to have him one way or another.

It was so easy to get into his head and turn him into my little sex slave. Between the erotic hypnotic suggestions and the special concocted drink I served him, it didn’t take long for him to start coming on to me.  As I grabbed his face in my hands and slowly licked his lips with my tongue, he closed his eyes and moaned. I stripped him of his tight t-shirt, jeans and boxers, and there he stood …….. my sexy young step son hard cock and all.

As I grabbed his hand I led him to the room that I shared with his father. I figured if I was going to fuck him, I might as well do it on his father’s side of the bed and leave behind  a sweet spot for him to find later. As I let my hand slide down and grab his throbbing dick, that forbidden lust was stronger than ever. Unlike others I just can’t let it go. I want to smell his musky scent, I want to feel his hands all over my body, I want to suck that delicious young cock till he explodes in my mouth.

I want it all.

So I took one step back and laid down on the bed, spreading my long tan legs and exposing that landing strip that lead to my ripe pussy just waiting to be eaten. I whispered to him, ‘come feed on your step mom, let my sweet nectar be the only thing you desire’. As his face grazed the inside of my thighs I grasped his thick head full of hair forcing his face right into that dripping wet pussy of mine. I grabbed his hand and showed him just where to slide those fingers to make me feel so good. Foreplay is the best way to teach a sweet young thing like him just how to please a woman like me.

And as I pulled him up on top of me I looked into his eyes and told him.

The rest of this dirty sex story I’d love to play out with you what will we do, who else will show up. You just never know what kinky twists I’ll give you. Let’s play soon.

Teen Phone Sex!