Why does Forbidden fruit taste so much sweeter?

I am from the south. Right in the middle of the bible belt. To put it plainly, if you threw a stick in a crowd everyone you hit would be a church member. Including me. ( never saw that coming huh?) I was raised up in church. Taught to do all the right things and be more like my savior. But I wanted more. I wanted the forbidden fruit.

The world is an appealing place, and being good and sweet ALL the time, is so fucking over rated.

I remember hearing the Story of Adam & Eve, and how Eve just had to take a bite of the apple, that the sexy serpent had enticed her to try. Eve saw the beautiful forbidden fruit in the tree, it almost called out to her. She wanted it, and took the means necessary to get it knowing that GOD was going to be pissed. She opened her mouth and tasted of the forbidden fruit, and she liked it. Even though she knew she wasn’t supposed to, it was almost like she was driven by her desire. She sinned, knowingly so. I relate a lot to her.

I thought about that story and realized I too wanted to dip my toes into SIN. My sexual pursuits started while I was very young. I wanted to learn all the things I could about sex.I was a very good child, kind of quiet, always respected my elders, never disrespectful and was at church every time the doors were open. As a teen, I developed my sexuality. Do you know how wrong it is to be listening to a sermon about fire & brimstone, and all you can think of is how horny you are, and how sexy the 45-year-old deacon is in his pinstripe suit? Wonder how big his COCK is? Hmmmm, has anyone ever fucked in the pulpit?

My sexual desires drive me. My Lust for men is an addiction and I never plan on kicking the habit. My LOVE for fucking may make me a slut, and that’s a label I adorn proudly.

We all want what we shouldn’t have. Sex, Lust, addiction are ALL forbidden fruit. I want to bite each and every one of those apples. Don’t you?

Forbidden fruit tastes so much sweeter.

Thinking of climbing the Apple tree?

MILF Phone Sex is waiting for you!

* ever wonder why the logo on APPLE merchandise, has the little bitten apple? think about it. *wink*