Forbidden Client Relations Part 1

Santa Monica, Ca. A beautiful little beachside town. Each time my travels bring me here, I find myself in his office. His power cuffs turned up just so, pressed together with high-end monogrammed links. The way he towers his hands when I speak, keeping his focus on my face, gaze never slipping below the neckline… I wonder how he does it… while all I’m imagining is me in his lap. I know this is forbidden but I can’t help myself.

Stockinged legs, spiked heels, power skirt, too tight shirt. My white button-downs hug my voluptuous chest to the point of ridiculousness. Yet, he barely seems to notice. Is he showing respect or does he lust after parts I’m missing between my legs? I’ve got to find out. I’m arriving in Tim’s office tomorrow at noon. This will be our 5th meeting and I’ve got office sex crawling all over my mind – to the point I’m convinced a Freudian slip will be made during my presentation.


Fast forward, to the morning of my presentation, 6 am and I’m just getting back to my room from the hotel gym.

I thought I could run off the lust between my thighs. No dice. Strip down, toss the sweaty clothes aside and hop in the shower. Each droplet of water stings my skin, aching with desire. His aloofness, firing up my engines and turning my normally-in-control mind into a scheming, writhing wench.

Step out of the shower, slink over to the bed and extract my travel toy from its hidden compartment in my suitcase. I’m going to have to take care of this madness myself, and regain my wiles before making the trek to the corporate high rise. Lay back on the bed, my damp hair caressing my shoulders as I stroke the long, hooked shaft of my toy, perfect for that G spot penetration I’m counting on to give me my brain back. I slip it between my nether lips, parting them softly and gathering the moisture on its slick sides.

As the tip of the toy penetrates me, I gasp and arch my back, this is going to be easy. Nipples instantly erect as I picture him sitting behind his desk, elbows resting gently on the table as his fingertips touch – creating a focal point just below his chin. Drawing my gaze down to his elegantly matched attire. Plunge the toy deeper into my pussy, stroking feverishly. Slip sliding back and forth as the little hook pushes against that tender mound of flesh, bringing me closer to the edge.

Close my eyes and it’s as thought he’s before me.

I can smell a light hint of his cologne in the air. The mind is a powerful treasure, and as I inhale his imaginary scent I push the toy deep within and hold it, twisting gently, forcing the climax. Clenching the toy and drenching the sheets, back arched, biting my lip as the orgasm rolls and edges down within me. Momentarily relieved, fuck I’d better make it through this meeting. Office, and client relations, are strictly forbidden.


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