Foot Worship: Show Your Devotion To My Perfect Piggies

Foot worship is calling your name right now, isn’t it? I see the way your eyes follow my feet whether I’m up on the dance floor dancing or sitting across from you, slowly swaying my leg, letting my stiletto swing off my toes. My feet mesmerize you, don’t they? You don’t have to answer with words. Your eyes are telling me everything I need to know. Every time my foot swings your way, I see your pupils dilate.

I see the bulge starting in your pants. I even see the way you have to keep swallowing. You’re starting to sweat, my dear. I know what’s running through your head. I can see it just as clearly as if it was running across your head in neon letters. Foot worship. You are a devotee and you are fighting the compulsion to pay proper homage to my feet in their entirety. Toes, heels and sole. The scenario is strong in your mind’s eye. You at my feet on your knees, rubbing your cheek up against the black silk of my thigh high stockings, which along with my permission is the only thing between your skin and the object of your adulation.

You move your cheek down below my calf to (FINALLY) my foot. Your cheek and lips slide across the silk enclosed foot. Over, under, around.

And then all over again. Taking your time to smell each and every part of them. Inhaling their scent like a drug that sends to you into a high worthy of the best heroin. You’re reveling in this foot worship foreplay, anticipating the main even but also dreading the end of this stocking clad tease. You whimper as your tongue rasps its way up the arch and you can feel the pressure build.

You look into my eyes and ask if you can remove my stockings. I smile and nod, but stop you before your hands touch the top of the thigh highs. You look up and I shake my head. Your blush delights me and I laugh as you move your mouth to my inner thigh to start sliding the silk off my leg with your teeth, going slow to savor the moment but knowing you are so close to skin to skin contact with my feet is almost too much.

Now, I’m going to leave that right there. But I am chock full over XXX Foot Stories! I am the perfect temple for your foot worship. So bring your devotion to my altar. You won’t be disappointed!

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