I love to have my feet rubbed after a long day in class. I usually just soak my feet…a close friend of mine noticed me rubbing the feeling back into feet one night and offered to give me a helping hand. I was more then willing to sit back and enjoy a good strong pair of hands.

He rested my feet on his lap, I noticed they were near his crotch but didn’t pay much mind to it, since his hands felt so good. After a few moments I felt my toes get very warm, and kind of damp. I cracked an eye only to see his mouth right near my toes like he was about to suck on them.

Instead of being shocked, I pushed my stocking covered toes into his mouth. God it felt so good to have him suck on them. He pulled his mouth off and tore the stockings wide open. While he was licking and sucking the arches of my feet, I undid his pants.

His cock bounced out and right onto the foot he hadn’t started with. I pulled my stocking off and rubbed my foot against his dick. There was so much precum! He took up both my my feet and pushed me onto my back. With my feet together he fucked them fast. The precum and spit as his lube. I used the arches of my feet to tighten around him more.

He shot a huge white load onto my toes. He told me to hold my feet up for just a moment. He sat down quickly after fixing his pants. He the continued to rub my feet…cum and all. Now I have the softest feet around! I adore a good cum rub!!!

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