I looked at Ron thinking I wanted to fuck him. I wanted Alan my boyfriend to feel hurt, the same way I did. When I called up Ron for a shoulder to cry on, I figured I would be naughty to hurt Alan in kind. I placed my foot between Ron’s legs and rubbed his cock provocatively. He put his hand under the table and pulled his shaft out. His hands took my warm foot and pushed it into his throbbing boner. He moved my foot up and down his rod slowly.

We said nothing. Just stared at one another. I could feel the stick goo dripping from the tip of his cock onto my toes. I wiggled my toes and tried to stifle a giggle when his thumb caressed between my toes. He smiled and took inventory of the small coffee shop customers. Being that it was late, hardly anyone was sitting near us.

Ron took my foot from under the table and licked my toes. Something about the way he looked at me when he did that. He whispered for me to give him my other foot. I let my shoe drop to the floor and put it on his lap. His licks ceased and he put my foot back under the table.

He took them both together and slowly fucked my arches. They were slick and wet from his spit and pre cum. I couldn’t resist touching myself while watching him. I pushed my fingers into my leggings and fingered my wet slit. Ron leaned in under the table and reached out to touch my soft folds. He rubbed my clit and pushed two fingers in. He told me to cum in his hand. I was so close. A few more pumps and I bit back the urge to moan out loud.

Ron took my cum and rubbed it on my feet and finished off with a hard low groan. Instead of cleaning off my feet, he rubbed his cum into them like lotion. When I got home later that night, I crawled into bed next to Alan. I took my cum feet and rubbed them on his lips and tongue while he slept. He woke up and gave me a grin thinking everything was okay. He started sucking each toe and bathing them with his tongue….

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