This foot goddess has an aching need, a desire that must be fulfilled.

Are you worthy? I need an obedient man who will give himself to me completely; body, soul, mouth and tongue. A foot goddess will not settle for anything less than the perfect foot slave.

Follow my direction and you will be a very happy boy.

Wait on your knees as I slide my black sheer stockings off of my beautiful legs. I lift one leg up, reaching my foot forward towards your face to touch my bare toes to your cheek. I know that you are hungry, but you must wait– foot slave! When I say go, it’s time to kiss and lick every inch of your foot goddess’ feet. I want to see your tongue in between my toes, tasting my sweat and worshiping my body.

A good boy gets to taste and play with my black stockings while he sucks my toes.

Do you have a stocking fetish as well as a foot fetish? I love mixing the two, there is so much fun to be had with stockings, so many different things that you can do. It’s not just about how they look on my beautiful body. It’s about how they feel, the ritual of wearing them, the ritual of removing them and the sensuality that they represent. The way one can rip holes in them, wrap them around a cock, tie a man to a bed, gag him, make him taste my pussy through them, and so on. The possibilities are endless!

And don’t get me started on foot jobs, I could write endless blogs about how much I enjoy rewarding my foot slave with a good rub. Stroking his cock with my feet until he bursts all over my beautiful toes…



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