Ever go somewhere and get really horny just out of nowhere? That happened to me when I was out to dinner with a few friends. And they had brought a cute guy so I needed to greet him properly. 😉  I decided an under the table foot fuck would be a nice hello. Hehe!


A few friends invited me to dinner at a really nice place last night. So, I dressed in my little black dress, curled my hair, wore my bright red lipstick and heels, and headed to the place. I thought I looked hot… because I did. I drove to the place and met my friends outside. They introduced me to this older gentleman. Six feet tall, nice suit, great shoes, and dark hair. I was intrigued.

He pulled my seat out for me and I sat down.. looking at his crotch. I can’t help it. I wanna know. And I watched him as he sat down on the opposite side of the table. We all ordered our drinks and started talking. My pussy was getting wet from just listening to his rich, deep voice. He smiled my way and I felt like I melted. I wanted to let him know I was thinking about fucking him.

I took my right heel off and slid it up to his ankle.. he looked at me and I smiled.. he just let me keep going. So I slid my foot farther up his leg. When my foot reached his inner thigh he flinched a little. My friends wondered if he was okay and he laughed it off as a chill. I slid my foot closer to his crotch and felt his rock hard dick on my toes.

He unfastened his pants and took his fuck stick out. And I proceeded to stick his cock between my toes and stroke his cock. Just a nice foot fuck with our nice fucking dinner.

For your own foot fuck fantasy call me now! We can get as dirty as you want, daddy. 😉

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