This weekend I experienced something I never would’ve even dreamed of! I’ve heard of plenty of people who love feet. To rub them, suck them, lick them, fuck them and then cum on them. I have to admit that I always knew my feet were sensitive to this type of treatment (since it feels so good getting a pedicure) and I was always a bit curious when I heard people talking about their sexual experiences but I never thought I, myself would have a foot fetish of my own!

So, it all started Friday night, harmless enough, on a first date. He was a complete gentleman the entire time, holding the door for me, making sure I got exactly what I wanted. We ended up going back to his house for a drink and a movie. He lifted my leg and slid off my heels. I knew this was going to be a good night by then, even if I never saw him again. He was so perfect looking that I could definitely see myself with him, in his bed and his touch so soft. There is just something a man that is so muscular and tough looking but really knows how to touch a woman so softly it sends chills down your body. Well, he told me about a “trick” he knew and then proceeded to tell me how good he was with his hands (not hard for me to believe at this point). I am already falling under his spell with every stroke of his fingers across the bottom of my bare foot. He tells me that in the military you are taught about pressure points and how they can render someone incapable of movement or cause extreme pain… my interest is peaked and I feel my pussy start to moisten as he tells me the teachings caused him to wonder what other things can be done with these pressure points.

Just at that moment he presses his thumb into the soft spot of my foot and it send an amazing feeling shooting up my leg, all the way up! My head falls back, without my command and the chill continues past my pussy (completely wet now) and I feel a twinge of pleasure to the tip of my nipples and they harden instantly. I know the look I was receiving from him at that moment when I opened my eyes were a direct reflection of the one I was giving him. I was hot and completely filled with a raging lust for him!

Want to hear more of our night filled will all kinds of pressure points?