Foot fetish, his fingers trailed gently over the arch of my foot!

Foot fetish and how he fell in love with my feet. I was at the salon for my weekly pedicure when I noticed a man a few chairs down staring at my feet as the lady was scrubbing them to perfection. It was OK, I did not mind, because I keep my feet beautiful. I noticed that he lingered well after his own pedicure was complete. As soon as she said I was finished and I slipped from the tub to slide into my sandals he was there, slipping one after the other of my feet ever so gently into my shoes.

His fingers trailed gently down the arch of my foot as he slipped my shoes over my feet. The whole time he never looked up just slightly caressed each of my feet as he attended me so kindly. I stood with his assistance and it was at that time, he finally looked me in my eyes.

His slightest touch stayed with me for hours!

Please, forgive my boldness but I could not resist such sweet temptation. Most people would probably have been angry at his boldness but that was not what I was feeling. I could feel such a strong attraction to this man. I wanted to allow him to worship my feet. I needed to slide my feet over every inch of his body! What I really wanted was to feel his lip pull my toes deep into that sexy hot mouth. He was so tall, dark, and mysterious. Yet, all I could think about was his fingers sliding along the bottom of my feet. His slightest touch stayed with me for hours. I couldn’t shake this appeal for this strange man. I hoped he would be at the salon the next week.

When I arrived, I was almost breathless as I walked in the door.  To my disappointment, he was not there. I questioned the staff about him, but they did not know or would not tell. I was terribly depressed as I left with my shiny pink toes and smooth feet.

I can’t stop thinking about you!

Just as I was unlocking my car, I saw him approach me through the window. I turned and smiled. He said, hello there, may I have your number. I just can’t stop thinking about you? I said of course, and we exchanged. During our first dinner, I slipped my shoe off and slid my foot up his leg so brazenly. I felt like such a whore, but why to wait, we both knew exactly what we wanted.

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