Foot Fetish?

Then I’m your lady. In a quaint beach town in Southern California, there is an arts festival every year.  They have all different sort of Vendors offering a variety of unique products. The first time I went, I was attracted to a small set of bleachers and asked my companion if she knew what was going on there. “Toe rings!” She shouted, grabbed my hand and we both sat on the bleachers. Within minutes I had a girl spraying Windex on my right foot, the toe next to the big toe; I call it my index toe. She slipped a gold ring on the toe and I felt wonderful.  I have a foot fetish myself, I love to have beautiful feet, well pedicured, smooth and soft.

I’m also very flexible and agile with my feet, which helps with a Foot Fetish.

Maybe because I grew up in Southern California with my toes in the sand, I’m very good with my feet. I’m able to pick things up with my toes, I can dial a phone with my toes. I can also cuddle a stiff cock with the arches of my feet or curl my toes around a boner and jack a man off. I love the feel of that warm, creamy cum all over my feet. I’d love for you to suck my toes and worship my beautiful feet.

With a kinky phone sex caller that has a foot fetish, I’m a dream cum true!

I want you to imagine holding the phone to your ear and listen to me describe how I’ll massage your balls with my feet. Very slowly, after you’ve rubbed my feet in oil, I’ll envelop your dick in my feet and start jerking you off with my arches. My feet sliding up and down that hard member until I see some precum on the head of your penis.  Then I’ll scoop that up with my big toe and you or I can suck that delicious cream off my toe.  Then I’ll return my attention back to that huge rod and wrap my toes around it.

I’ll let you use your imagination about where your cum will land after the immense explosion you have.


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