Foot Fetish Play time!

Foot fetish, giving his love to my beautiful feet. I was asleep, dreaming about my dog licking my feet. I was laughing in my dream because it tickled to have my feet played with, His warm tongue sliding all over my foot. They felt wet like something was just sliding all over the arches of my perfect 7.5 sized feet. I realized something in my dream wasn’t right when my dog’s tongue was no longer soft and licking my feet but something long and hard. I woke Immediately a little panicked when I looked down the line of my body to see, My friends boyfriend fucking my feet.

My friend and her boyfriend were spending the week with me, so they were staying in my guest bedroom. “What the fuck are you doing?” I pulled my feet away, but he just grabbed them and put his cock between my feet again. He started moving his hips fucking my arches.”I have a foot fetish and I just have to have your feet” he said through gritted teeth I could tell he was close to cumming. “Your girlfriend is my best friend” I whispered he picked up a bottle of lube and squirted it all over my feet and his cock.

He was holding my feet tight around his cock I could feel his balls slapping the heels of my feet.

His eyes closed he slammed his dick one more time between my feet and I felt his cum hot against my skin. I could see his cum shining in the light of my room all over my feet and toes. “Thank you for indulging in my foot fetish”  That’s when he wiped off his cock and went back in the guest room with his girlfriend.

I would love to act out your foot fetish fantasy! Call me!

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