His Foot Fetish Started Our Submissive Foot Worship Relationship

I knew he had a foot fetish from the very beginning. He was the one that did my pedicure every time I went to the salon. The way he rushed to be the one to take care of me when I walked in the door was so cute! He always spent extra time rubbing my feet during my pedicure and I could tell by the look on his face that he enjoyed it as much as me. Well, probably more than I did. He finally asked me out and I agreed to go have lunch with him.

We didn’t spend too long at the restaurant. As soon as he told me what rubbing my feet did to him my mind was churning with ideas. He said that he would do anything to have my bare feet in front of him so I took him home. I made him strip down to his boxers, take my sandals off and massage my feet. His erection was very obvious in his thin boxer shorts and it turned me on to see how much he enjoyed my sexy feet.

I had no idea that his foot fetish would be such a turn on for me. While he held one foot in his hands I used the other one to tease him. I rubbed it up his thigh and gently toed his balls and shaft. His cock jumped with every touch of my cute little toes. He kept thanking me for letting him touch my perfect feet. I told him he was going to have to earn the privilege to get more.

He said that my feet were even more than he could have wished for in any of his foot fetish dreams.

I told him to take off his boxers. Since he was doing such a good job massaging my feet I was going to allow skin to skin contact. As I increased the pressure of my foot on his cock I felt it get even harder under my arch. He started shooting his load all over my foot. His apology was out of his mouth before he even finished cumming. “I’m so sorry Mistress! I didn’t mean to cum so quickly! Just the feel of your perfect feet on my undeserving cock got me so excited!”

He had a huge foot fetish.

I looked down at him still kneeling on the floor in front of me and told him to clean it up. “Of course Mistress!” he stammered as he wiped my foot clean. He is now my full time submissive bitch that will do anything I tell him to get a fix to his foot fetish. I have so many things planned for him maybe even a little cum eating! I can’t wait for him to come back over tomorrow! He’s going to get to repaint my sexy toenails! What color do you think I should get next? Do you have a foot fetish? Do you like Hot Sex Stories? Give me a call and maybe I’ll let you have a little fun with my sexy feet while we have some naughty phone sex!