Foot Fetish Stories Are So Hot

Foot Fetish Stories: Having my feet worshiped is so incredibly hot.  Getting my perfectly pedicured feet touched and massaged, it feels so amazing. I would have you spread lotion or oil all over my pretty feet and gently caress them. I like some pressure on my high arches and don’t forget my toes.

Sometimes you love them in your face, you like to smell them, kiss them and lick them. You love them in socks, both clean or after I have gone for a run. You love that musky sweet smell of my sweaty feet and socks. Pantyhose on my perfect feet are also a huge turn on for you.

You get so horny when you touch my sexy feet. After you have rubbed and caressed my feet,  your cock gets rock hard and starts to leak precum.  The look in your eyes as you take your hard cock and run the head of it all over my feet. I love to tease you with my soft smooth feet, lightly touching you and tracing my toes up and down your cock. I know that every move I make to stroke your cock with my feet gets you harder and wanting more.

When it is time I will wrap my sexy perfect feet around your cock stroking it up and down and up and down….driving you crazy. The look in your eyes and the moans you make as I expertly fuck you with my feet. I will let you blow your load all over my feet and I just might even make you lick up all your cum off my feet.

Let’s have some Hot Foot Fetish fun, Kinky or Vanilla.

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