Foot fetish stories – I Love How You Love My Feet And Legs – Phone Sex

Foot fetish stories are always fun, and I hope you enjoy my newest one.

Of course, I adore a man that loves my feet.   If a man wants to rub my feet and worship them, they are the perfect man for me.  However, I like a man to caress and touch them in a specific way.

First, upon entering the room, you get on your knees and crawl over to where I am standing in stockings and heels.  Smoothing my skirt, I sit and slowly spread my legs.

I love how your eyes light up as they look at the top of my stockings.

Then, I feel your hands on my legs.  You slide off my shoes and gently massage my feet.  Your hands are strong, warm and firm as they work their way up.

Although I am starting to get moist between my legs, I don’t want you to stop yet.  However, I do enjoy feeling my pussy tingle with the excitement of knowing what is coming.

But feeling the excitement building up in us both is also part of the enjoyment.

I look down and see your hard cock twitching.

Now, your hands move up much higher, almost to the top of my stockings.  I move both my foot over and place them on either side of your cock.

Then I realize my pussy is soaked and pre-cum is on the tip of your cock.

At that moment I feel your warm breath on my pussy.  I moan and start to rub your cock with my feet, stocking them up and down on either side.

Then, your tongue flicks over my clit.  I squeeze your cock with my feet and we both cum together.


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