Foot Fetish Perv was watching me through the window of my Mani/Pedi place.

Foot Fetish Perv was on the prowl. The woman who does my mani/pedi saw him peering through the window. “Crap the pervert is back.” She announced to the other girls working in the shop.

They all moaned and went back to work. I was in the chair closest to the window. The manicurist asked me if I wanted to move, but she was almost finished and I didn’t mind. I thought it was pretty hot this guy actually gets off on feet.

I looked out the window and noticed he wasn’t that bad, He was probably in his 40’s. He was balding and had glasses. He kept peeking in and then he would look away like he was waiting for a bus. Then he was staring at my feet. I wiggled my toes a bit. I had gotten baby blue polish on them and they were looking good. He shyly moved his eyes from my feet to my bare legs, and then to my tits. He finally made eye contact with me. I smiled at him. He quickly looked away.

I went back to my magazine but I sensed he was transfixed on my feet. Glanced up and saw he was rubbing his crotch a little. I could tell it was getting hard. Poor guy. Once my pedi was finished, I moved to the dryer which was closer to the window. I motioned for him to come inside. I told him to sit on the bench.

While no one was looking, I unzipped his pants and rubbed my newly manicured feet on his rock hard cock. “You can cum on my foot if you pay for another pedicure.”

“You can cum on my foot if you pay for another pedicure,” I whispered. He exploded on my toes. “Lick them” I ordered. He licked his cum off of my toes and gave me $20. “Thank you so much! ” He said as he slipped away.

I wiped off my toes with a kleenex put my sandals on and tipped the girl with his cash.

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