I Will Feed Your Foot Fetish Needs… If You Please Me

I know what you want, what you crave. All you can think about is getting your tongue and hands on my feet. Holding one foot in the palm of your hand like a sacred chalice. I know your foot fetish is all-consuming for you. That you count down the minutes until the next time you can get your fix.

Knowing you, knowing your foot fetish, I know you will do whatever I request of you. Whatever I demand of you. If you ever wish to experience the nirvana of touching, tasting and worshipping my feet, whether, in stockings or bare, you will bow your head and do as you are told.

I have a treat for you – I have been walking for hours

Both my stockings and my feet are ripe for your nose. Your mouth salivates at the thought of me pushing my toes into your nose and into your mouth, doesn’t it? Wanting me to make you suck them. Making you taste the silky yet damp hose.

Oh yes, I will have you suck my flesh through the sheer, silky fabric of my stockings. After allowing you the privilege of removing my stockings, you will be allowed to rub your tongue over every delicious square inch of my toes and feet and over.

Thanking me for giving you the honor of worshipping my feet, you will show your gratitude by savoring every delicious smell, every tantalizing aroma.  Partake eagerly in the wondrous toe jam I allow you to lap up.  You will bathe every inch of my foot with your tongue, in awe at the perfection that you are allowed to worship.

Let me bottom line this in simple terms so your little mind can understand – you will clean my feet, suck my toes, and even lick my shoes clean if I so demand it. You will show your undying devotion to me for sating your foot fetish obsession.

Then you will answer the question – What’s better, the ripe fruit of my toes or of my pussy?

You know you’re chomping at the bit to be my foot phone sex slave.  What are you waiting for?

 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke