I never knew I had a foot fetish

My girlfriend Brittany and I couldn’t keep our hands off each other when we first started dating. Brittany was a sexy dominant woman who always knew how to make my knees weak and my tight teen pussy wet but lately, she hadn’t tried. I decided I wanted to spice things up and remembered a specific fantasy we had never played. Foot fetish play would be a great way to surprise her and I had to admit I had always wanted to experiment.

It got my shaven pussy wet just thinking about the night to come.

Brittany and I crawled into bed as usual, but this time I straddled her by her waist and pinned her wrists to the bed. She looked hungry as I leaned in to kiss her neck trailing down her chest and to her torso. With one hand I began unbuttoning her shirt to expose her hard pink nipples before sucking it into my mouth. Her moans were soft as they slipped out of my mouth and I sat up to tie her wrists to the bedposts. She looked too fucking sexy laying there helplessly and I was pleased to see the wet spot in her panties.

She tasted so sweet… I couldn’t resist.

I kissed down her stomach and over her pubic bone and I could see the disappointment in her face when I kept moving down her thigh. Her body was shaking as I kissed and licked my way down her leg and held her foot in my hand. I took her ankle into my hand and locked eyes with her as I trailed my tongue from her heel up to the arch of her foot. Her moans filled the bedroom as I kissed her toe softly before sliding it into my mouth. I started sucking each toe slowly as if I were giving it a blowjob.

Brittany seemed to have a foot fetish and was loving the surprise. I watched her as she fingered herself to climax and squirted her hot cum all over the bed.

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