My Boyfriend Might Have a Foot Fetish!

For the last few weeks, when my boyfriend knows I will be coming over, he has been requesting I wear certain clothing. I’m beginning to think he has a foot fetish because he always wants me in stockings and heels!

When I got to his house last time, he led me to his room and sat me down on the bed, He got on his knees and grabbed my foot.  As he slid my shoe off, he kissed the top of my foot down to my toes.

I laughed as his fingers tickled the underside of my foot. He pressed my toes against his nose and inhaled. My shoe dropped to the floor as he started to kiss up my leg, his lips moving along my stockings.

When he got to the top of my stockings, he kissed my thigh and I felt heat rush to my pussy. Then he moved to my other thigh and kissed back down my other thigh. I was so wet and he was teasing me!

He kissed down to my other foot and pulled my other shoe off. I was so wet I couldn’t take much more. He pulled his cock out and I started to stroke it with my feet. It didn’t take long until he was rock hard.

He got on the bed with me and started pounding my dripping wet pussy. We fucked hard and fast, the only sounds were of my wet pussy and our bodies slapping together. My moans were added to the mix as I got closer to cumming. We came hard together and fell back on the bed, breathing hard.

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