Foot fetish lover – Yes, that’s what you are. Who pays $100 just to squirt cream on a pretty college girl’s toes? YOU do!

Foot fetish lover stories make me so HOT! This one is no exception, especially because it actually happened! As I wiggled my pedicured toes, I got off on knowing that my latest foot lover was paying good money to adore my feet. He found me through an online ad, and I blessed him with allowing him to take me shopping for some new shoes.

First, he had to give my feet a full massage. After all, a woman needs to warm up before a workout, right? Indeed, I planned on making that credit card reach its daily spending limit. Mmm, I knew this experience would definitely join my spank bank of favorite foot fetish stories!

Wearing a pair of black, peep-toe Louboutin stilettos that lovingly accentuated my perfectly toned, tanned legs, the mall was the perfect place to indulge our mutual foot fetish.

On a Saturday, there are so many men scouting for young college girls. However, they know I am the real prize. Immaculately dressed, we walked through the upscale mall like a married couple. Little did anyone know, we had just met! Once in the store, I pulled down 4 boxes of footwear to try on.

I made him watch while the store shoe salesman placed my foot in his lap.

He had begged me to allow him, but we can’t have him popping off too soon, can we?! Besides, I wanted to get the shoes first. My foot fetish slave watched and moaned as the other man caressed my arches, his fingers spreading my toes.

Did the salesman know what was going on here? I can only imagine this would be the perfect job for a foot fetish lover. 👠 Both of them whispering back and forth, they offered me 400 bucks and the shoes to jack off on my toes. My mother didn’t raise any fool, baby!

I giggled, wriggling with erotic satisfaction as their cocks exploded with a big pool of sticky cum all over my feet.

So warm and creamy, I never thought they’d lick it all up if I suggested it. But indeed they did! Want the rest of the cum-swapping details?

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