The feet are one of the most sensual parts of the body.

I love having my feet massaged, licked, and kissed, and I get regular pedicures to keep my feet nice and soft. I always get excited when I find out the guy I’m dating has a foot fetish! Dean, a guy I dated several years ago, had a foot fetish. We had some great times together!

Every night after I came home from work, Dean took care of my shoes and feet. I always wore heels to work, so my feet were often tired and feeling a little sore. Dean would tenderly take one of my heels off my foot, bring it to his nose, and inhale deeply. I could tell that he loved my foot scent because his cock would get rock hard whenever he smelled my heels.

He licked the outside of my shoe, cleaning every bit of dust off.

He then licked the inside of my shoe to consume every bit of the taste of my feet. It makes me so wet just thinking about how he used to clean my heels with his tongue!

After Dean cleaned the inside and outside of my heels, he moved his attention to my feet. Dean took his strong hands and massage the arches of my feet with his thumbs. He knew that’s where I felt the most tension in my feet, and he knew exactly how to touch me to make the tension float away. I often moaned with pleasure as he massaged my arches because it felt so amazing! Next, Dean firmly massaged the rest of my foot releasing all the tension from the workday.

When Dean saw me start to relax, that’s when he would bring my foot to his mouth and start to gently suck on my toes. He moved slowly from toe to toes, giving each toe the attention it deserved. Dean loved cleaning my feet with his tongue, and so did I! He licked between my toes and the bottom of my feet. Dean couldn’t get enough of the taste of my feet, and I couldn’t get enough of his tongue on my feet.

I love men who have a foot fetish!

Dean’s foot cleaning with his mouth would get him so hard and me so wet that I regularly would have him take his cock out so I could give him a footjob. I would put a little oil on my feet and place his cock in the arches of my feet. Then, I would stroke his hard cock with my feet until he came all over them.

Sometimes, I miss dating a man with a foot fetish. Maybe you can help me scratch that itch and tell me all the things you’d like to do to my feet?

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