I love the foot fetish thing. It’s so great when a guy can be into my feet! I had a guy who loved my sexy feet and had wanted to have me step in food. But, I wasn’t having it. He loved my feet just the way they were.. and if he needed a foot to be covered in food to love them more than he had a problem!

But, that was me just being slightly evasive. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings like that. He had just looked so upset with me and just sulked away to his place. I wasn’t sure how to make things right. I called Regina up and told her about him and what I had said. I told her I thought it would feel gross. But, she quickly explained that he loved me so much and that it would be a thing to do out of love for him.

When I hung up I got into the bath. I set my right foot up on the tub and stared at my toes. Wondering how some food like spaghetti would feel squished between my toes. I shuddered, “eeEEEUUUGGGH! No. NO! That’s insane!” I still felt bad though and thought of other foods that wouldn’t feel yucky. So, I slept on it and woke up to the birds chirping away like a happy little choir. I thought to myself that his birthday was the next day and I need to make this up. I laid in bed just thinking away… about what I could do to make this foot/food thing better. Then, I shot up as if I were a mad scientist having an enlightened epiphany and shouted…

“EUREKA! I will make him a CAKE! My foot loving boy will LOVE LICKING THE FROSTING OFF!”

I couldn’t wait to see him again. The next day I made him the most delicious devil’s food cake. Moist, 3 layers, dark chocolate frosting.. and waited for him to come over. I sat at my table with his cake ready with a single candle on top. As soon as he opened the door I lit the candle and let him blow it out. He smiled, I kissed him and set the cake on the floor… and had him get on his knees as I started stepping my right foot into the cake. His eyes grew wide and his cock grew hard.. I could tell, he was wearing tight jeans. Hehe!

I lifted my foot up to his mouth and he licked every bit of that chocolate cake off of my sexy toes. Yummy!

Want your own foot fetish story? Call me. I promise I’m the best. 😉

And for more of my sex stories, stay tuned! Hehe!

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